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GP of Norway

Home circuit, a huge fan crowd and a large pack of boats – bound to be a good race weekend, huh? The weekend started with match race and speed run. I decided to run the second fastest propeller to get a little more acceleration in the match race. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trimming in too much when the boat got away from me, resulting in losing a lot of rpm and speed. Got 163 km/h on the radar, while my Aim showed 179 km/h – oh well.. In the match race I didn’t have the acceleration needed to win (which I feared).

Saturday was quali-day. However, the day was filled with delays and postponements due to heavy rain and thunder storms. Normal Norwegian summer in other words. When Q1 finally started we were in the late hours of the day and my qualifying group were perfectly timed with the setting sun, making it nearly impossible to see. That, as a matter of a fact, turned out to be the least of my problems. After just a few laps my power trim gave up and I only had “out” trim. I had no chance to keep up with the rest of the B group, or the other group for that matter. We packed up and got ready for repechage race the following day. (Only two drivers from group B made it directly to the final)

I started the Sunday with just a few laps on the warm up practice – the power trim was working perfectly and I felt really good in the boat. At 14.00 ten drivers were lined up ready to fight for the four last positions in the final GP. I had a blistering start and was among top three when we reached the first turn buoy. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to change lanes until the next turn, which many of the other drivers blatantly didn’t care about. The start ended up a complete mess and came out in sixth position. I managed to squeeze myself up to fifth place, but that didn’t cut it. I was forced to enjoy the race from the pontoon.

Thirty minutes before the start of the GP, I got a small spark of hope when one of the other drivers had a problem with his fuel tank. Fortunately for me, that meant that I would take the sixteenth spot in the final! We had the boat already prepared and I threw my gear on and ran down to the wet pit, only to be disappointed with the news that they managed to repair the fuel leak. No race for me..

I apologize to everyone who came to see me race and sponsors who wanted me in the final. I can only promise to try even harder next time! A huge thank you to my loyal sponsors and partners for believing in me and a huge thank you to my amazing team this weekend – Dennis, Mikkel, Alma, mom, Claus, Fredrik, Bjørn Vidar and Elisa (and my dad for transporting the boat to and from).

Now we start the preparation for the next race in Campione d’Italia – forza Moore Formula!

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