November 28, 2016

Last weekend I did an amazing photoshoot with photographer Dave Yates from England. We did the shoot at the famous WWII fortress Oscarsborg. It was super cold, but the pictures turned out great! You can check out Dave’s other work on Yates Photography – enjoy!


bilde-24-11-2016-23-15-34 bilde-24-11-2016-23-18-58 bilde-24-11-2016-23-28-58 bilde-24-11-2016-23-42-00  bilde-27-11-2016-21-46-55 bilde-27-11-2016-21-47-32 bilde-27-11-2016-22-41-38 bilde-28-11-2016-08-48-17 bilde-28-11-2016-08-52-51

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